What is a HOA Show?

Google+ Hangouts On Air Shows

HOA Shows are a way to use the Google+ platform Hangouts On Air to broadcast a show to the world.

Many people use Hangouts On Air to produce their own show, have concerts for fans and more.

Some big companies such as GoDaddy.Com, Fox News, The Huffington Post and Forbes use Hangouts On Air for such shows.

There are Google+ members who use the platform for marketing purposes. The best example I can give would be a show by Jason T. Wiser of OnTrackTips.Com. His show is called "Get On Track Stay On Track". A very well known and produced shows by a G+ member.

If you are looking for HOA Shows to watch you can check out Mark Vang's HOA Calendar by clicking here.

One feature of HOA Shows is that they are automatically added, as video, to YouTube which makes for great evergreen content.

Although a person can only have 10 panelists on a show the audience can be unlimited! I think this is the one thing people, resistant to trying HOAShows, don't understand.